just because

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Well there’s Schumann ¬†resonating like a giddy geezer and there’s visceral-virtual boogie ¬†almost snapping the elastic and there’s Orphic-punk shadow play all over the sundial. So? Well, there’s also ascendant mainbeaming for the moment doing subtle subliminal wonders deep in the entrails of bio-time at 2.22pm precisely. And there’s incredible inter-zone suspension. Of? Transmission of any kind of code. While? Level shift is delivered for real.

And now for something completely retro. Like continuing to do the do. Even in this form of tippy tappy tripping through the lexical suggestibilities of memory and data sensing on many levels of mythic individuality. Mostly though this seems more like an astral page of dear diary atomizing into dancing dust, illuminated in ascendant mainbeaming as the glittering powder which sweeps across the scene of a spell as announcement.

I was invited by my dear master a few years ago to enjoy feeling communicating starlight. At the time, ¬†delight so instantly burst through some membranes of hesitation concerning hubris that the invitation has been travelling innerly all this while. And now it has met ascendant mainbeaming, also on innerworld circuits of appointed reconfiguration-readiness. As I note this I know I am serving notice on this. To be read as fully accepted. ‘Tis the way of it. Fair go, true blue and she’ll be right. Just because.


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